HTTP proxy server designed to circumvent the Great Firewall (GFW).
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A anti-censorship HTTP proxy with builtin shadowsocks support.

Current Version: 4.16

Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10.


Quick Start

Set parent proxy

Add your own parent proxy in the parents section of main configuration file userconf.ini.

It looks like this:

shadowsocks = ss://aes-256-cfb:password@
shadowsocks_with_OTA = ss://aes-256-cfb-auth:password@
shadowsocks_with_header_obfs = ss://aes-256-cfb:password@

or this:

proxy1 = http://user:pass@
proxy2 = socks5://

# connect to '' via 'socks5://'
proxy3 =|socks5://

Set browser

Set your browser's proxy setting to

On Windows, this should be done automatically.


For Windows, run FWLite.exe

For Linux and Mac, run python2 /path_to/fwlite/FWLite.pyw

Run in command-line:

python2.7 /path_to/fwlite/fgfw-lite/

Instruction under openSUSE

sudo zypper install python-virtualenv

# create virtualenv
virtualenv env

# install requirements
sudo zypper install gcc python-devel libffi-devel
./env/bin/python -m pip install repoze.lru ipaddr dnslib chardet geoip2 future
./env/bin/python -m pip install gevent cryptography

# install requirements for GUI. It's gonna take a while.
sudo zypper in libqt4-devel
./env/bin/python -m pip install pyside

# run fwlite GUI
./env/bin/python path_to/FWLite.pyw


  • Set IE proxy automatically (windows)
  • Detect blocked sites automatically
    • autoproxy-gfwlist
    • user-defined rules
    • connect timeout
    • read timeout
    • connection reset
  • Multiple work profile
  • Support Network which require a Proxy (issue #39)
  • Support FTP LIST/RETR (Anonymous Only)
  • Support websocket protocol
  • Supported parent proxy
    • HTTP Proxy
    • Socks5 Proxy
    • Shadowsocks by @clowwindy (with OTA support)
  • Prioritize parent proxies by response time
  • Prioritize parent proxies by location
  • Redirector
  • Support PAC for WPAD

Not all features are listed here, and only few of them are covered in GUI.

User Defined Rules(./fgfw-lite/local.txt)

FW-Lite uses autoproxy rules, the differences are:

URL end with keyword:



Redirect with Regular Expression

/^*wd=([^&]*).*$/ /\1&ie=gb2312/

Not applying rules for certain sites. For false positives in gfwlist.

|| auto


| forcehttps

Block certain sites

|| 403

Bad 302 Redirect, counteract ISP conducted MITM hijack(GWBN):

|http://some.isp.server/ bad302

Assign a parent proxy for certain sites

|| shadowsocks-uk
|| shadowsocks-us1 shaodwsocks-us2