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Vaadin Framework

Vaadin allows you to build modern web apps efficiently in plain Java, without touching low level web technologies.

This repository contains source code and issue tracking for Vaadin 8 and Vaadin 7, both of which use GWT as the base of client-side implementations. You can find source code and issue tracking for newer, web component based Vaadin versions in vaadin/platform.

Vaadin 8 includes Vaadin 7 compatibility classes. The source code in this repository is (and will always be) available under Apache License 2.0, but Vaadin Framework 7 and 8 are now being maintained under a closed-source model by the Vaadin Expertise Team. You are free to continue using Vaadin Framework releases up to 8.14.3 and 7.7.17, and you are free to fork and maintain the framework yourself.

Vaadin 8 open source maintenance ended in February 2022, extended support is available until February 2032. Starting with version 8.15.0, Vaadin 8 is subject to CVDLv4.

Vaadin 7 open source maintenance ended in Febraury 2019, extended support is available until February 2029. Starting with version 7.7.18, Vaadin 7 is subject to CVDLv4.


For a changelog of Vaadin 8 starting with 8.15.0, see the Vaadin 8 Changelog.

For a changelog of Vaadin 7 starting with 7.7.30, see the Vaadin 7 Changelog.

Using Vaadin 8 to develop applications

Please refer to Vaadin tutorial and other documentation.

For known issues within Vaadin framework, see Issue Tracker. Comment or react to an existing issue to mark your interest in resolving it. If you don't find an existing report of an issue you are experiencing, submit a new issue.

Developing Vaadin Framework

For instructions on how to set up a working environment for developing the Vaadin framework, please visit Development Instructions. Pay special attention to workspace preferences.


As of February 2022, this repository is used for issue tracking. Since we are no longer building releases from this repository, we are no longer accepting pull requests. You may file bug reports here against extended maintenance releases.