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Helper tool for migrating from Vaadin Framework 7 to 8
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Migration Tool for Converting Vaadin Framework 7 Projects to Vaadin Framework 8

This tool has been added to the vaadin-maven-plugin, and can be run with the target vaadin:upgrade8. Please refer to the documentation on how to migrate.

Building the Project

Running mvn clean install produces a runnable JAR in the local Maven folder. The project is currently not available in Maven central.

Using the Tool

To convert a Vaadin 7 project, execute the JAR in the project folder, e.g. in "myproject" run

java -jar $HOME/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/framework8-migration-tool/8.0-SNAPSHOT/framework8-migration-tool-8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar


It supports two optional parameters:

  • one for setting the target version of the framework: -version=8.5.1
  • and another one for setting the charset (by default UTF-8 will be used) of the source files -charset=cp1252

What Is Migrated?

The tool changes

  • Class imports from com.vaadin.ui to com.vaadin.v7.ui for all components which have been moved to the compatibility package in Vaadin Framework 8.
  • Declarative (HTML) files to use <vaadin7-text-field> instead of <vaadin-text-field> for all components which have been moved to the compatibility package in Vaadin Framework 8.

The tool does not, and you need to

  • Update the dependencies in the project from version 7.x to 8.x
  • Make sure that you are using Java 8
  • Update any fully-qualified classnames used in the code for classes that have been moved to compatibility packages
  • Update your vaadin.version property to some Vaadin Framework 8 version (e.g. 8.0.0).
  • Change project dependencies from vaadin-server to vaadin-compatibility-server
  • Change project dependencies from vaadin-client-compiled to vaadin-compatibility-client-compiled if you are using com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet
  • Change project widget set from com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet to com.vaadin.v7.Vaadin7WidgetSet if you are using DefaultWidgetset. This is typically declared with a @Widgetset annotation in your UI or in the web.xml file.
  • Recompile your widget set if you are not using com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet
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