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With Nevede, you can easily schedule an event.

No more tons of organizational emails among participants cluttering your inbox!

  • You create an event.
  • Each participant goes to the event web page and expresses her/his availability.
  • The web page gives a quick view on the best timeslot for the meeting.
  • Bing! Everybody meets at the agreed timeslot.

Nevede in action

There's a running instance of nevede at Please, mark your meetings as "Private" if they're only for test purposes. Feel free to use it!

Nevede features

  • meeting scheduling
  • public/private visibility
  • dynamic frontend interface (jQuery)
  • Django-powered backend (supporting mysql, postgresql, sqlite, ...)
  • clean, easily customizable interface (django templates)
  • post comments in meeting pages


Nevede is under Affero GPL 3.0 License.