Detailed stats tracking for Bukkit servers
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Statistician - Extreme Minecraft Stat Keeping by ChaseHQ


-----------------------------Many different types of statistics stored:-----------------------------
- Server stats (Uptime, max players online)
- Player stats (Kills PvE and PvP, blocks placed/destroyed, distance travelled, items picked/dropped, total time online)

-----------------------------Built in web portal------------------------------------
- Let the world view all of your server and player stats! A complete web page featuring a multitude of statistics unique 
to your server.
- Providing you have the webspace for it with PHP installed you're good to go, check out the installation instructions for it below.

-----------------------------mySQL database storage for the stats-----------------------------
- Quick and easy access to all of your stats yourself or through a web portal. (A detailed list of tables can be found at the bottom of this readme)

-----------------------------Customisable join messages-----------------------------
- These settings can be found in the 'Config' table in your database.

-----------------------------Permissions integration--------------------------------
- For Permissions to work you must have the Permissions plugin installed!

MySQL Ver 5 or Higher for tracking stats
Web server with PHP extensions installed if you want to use bundled web portal

Installation (Plugin):
- Drop JAR file into plugin directory
- Run Bukkit once, it will make a config folder
- Create MySQL Database
- Create a user for that Database and grant it a ALL Privliges on that database
- Edit the config file with your database settings
- Start bukkit up again, it should connect and auto create the database

Installation (Web Portal):
- Drop the web portal folder into a web served folder
- Open the config.php file in the Statistician folder
- Edit the database connection settings
- There is also a table in the Database called 'config' with some settings that are self explanatory

Commonly asked questions:
[Q] What are the table names?
[A] blocks, config, creatures,kill_types, kills, pickup_drop, players, projectiles, resource_desc, server

[Q] How do I change the join messages?
[A} In the 'config' table there are 4 fields:

'show_firstjoin_welcome' AND 'show_lastjoin_welcome'
These are either 'yes' or 'no'. The control whether the messages appear or not.

'firstjoin_welcome_msg' AND 'lastjoin_welcome_message'
These are the actual messages that will be displayed.

[Q]I am getting this error "[SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Statistician v1.3 (Is it up to date?): java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String"
[A] This is most likely down to your DBConfig.yml being incorrect, there are a few checks you can do. This is how it should look:

database_name: 'name'
database_address: address
database_username: 'username'
database_password: 'password'
database_port: 3306
database_update_time: 120

Port and Update time should never have quotes around them as they are ALWAYS numbers. You don't always need quotes around your name and password but if they are made of just number you MUST put them in quotes.