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Italian petrol pumps comparator. This is a READ-ONLY mirror. Please clone the Launchpad trunk.
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Italian petrol pumps comparator

Italian petrol pumps comparator

This web app allows you to list in a map and sort all fuel suppliers who are in a particular area, also it provides the current prices on every suppliers.

We have engineered this solution in a Hackathon that was sponsored by, an Italian price comparator. This submission won the competition.


Use the online mirror. It has data updated on a daily basis.

More about

Heroes and original technologies in the /about.php page of the online mirror.


Go in your www folder and clone the source code using GNU Bazaar:

bzr branch lp:it-fuel-stations-comparator


Have GNU/Linux, PHP and MySQL/MariaDB working.

This project is built over the Boz-PHP - Another PHP framework. Install it in your /usr/share:

bzr branch lp:boz-php-another-php-framework /usr/share/boz-php-another-php-framework

Import in MySQL/MariaDB the database-schema.sql from the installation folder.

Also in the installation folder copy the load-sample.php in the root folder as load.php and fill with your MySQL/MariaDB credentials.

Remember to run the cli/ twice to enable translations.

Remember to install the libjs-leaflet php-gettext packages.

Import data from MISE

Please download data from the Italian Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico:

They are released under the terms of the Italian Open Data License v2.0.

Manually import MISE .csv

The cli/import-mise.php helps you:

php ./cli/import-mise.php anagrafica_impianti_attivi.csv prezzo_alle_8.csv

Automatically download and import MISE .csv

Put a similar line in your cronjob:

/var/www/cli/ "php /var/www/cli/import-mise.php"

.. or:

su www-data -s /bin/sh -c '/var/www/cli/ "php /var/www/cli/import-mise.php"'

Pull requests

Push in Launchpad:


Translations are easily made using GNU Gettext. See the l10n/ folder structure. Use something as Poedit to edit existing .po files or to create a new one from the .pot.

Remember to run the cli/ script before editing a .po file. Also run it twice when you finished.

The site language switcher is in the load-post.php. That part sucks but it works.


This is a Free as in Freedom project. It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You are welcome to redistribute it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License v3+.

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