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Valor Software

Leader in the Angular development space since 2013. Creators of ngx-bootstrap. We provide design, architecture, engineering, product guidance and open source.

👋 Hey, this is us – the Valor Software team!

Valor-software key image In a nutshell, we’re crazy about building software products utilizing edge technologies and we’re huge open-source fans.

🇺🇦 How it’s started

The whole story started back in 2013 when Dmitriy Shekhovtsov, the first Google developer expert in Angular in Ukraine, launched a technology startup. It quickly developed into one of the fastest-growing development companies in the Eastern region of Ukraine.

🌏 How it’s going

Now, Valor has gone global, with Valorians on 5 continents! We have an international team with over 130 professionals including folks from the US, Georgia, Brazil, Greece, Czech Republic, and many other countries!

❤️‍🔥 Love to open source is the only way

Love is all about giving and receiving, right? :) We believe it's important to not just take from OSS but give back with knowledge-sharing, tooling, and professional services.

Our product

ngx-bootstrap logo ngx-bootstrap

You might have already heard of ngx-bootstrap – the library of components for Angular, we’ve created it. Start using or join the team to develop ngx-bootstrap!


NatineScript logo nativescript-websockets plugin
nativescript-ngrx-devtools plugin

We are official partners and contributors to NativeScript. Having Nathan Walker, the technology evangelist among partners, helps us be ahead of the curve and shape the future of NS.


Nest.js logo Nestjs

As Principal NestJS Sponsors and evangelists, we’ve been trusted with not just modernization using NestJS, but training for teams who have used Java and .NET for server-side before.

Module Federation

Module federation logo Partnership release

Module Federation has boldly entered the market and been adopted by the ecosystems of giants like SAP and Google. We’re proud to have Valor’s CEO among the leading practitioners and advocates for the technology. It goes to the extent that Manfred Steyer, Angular consultant, GDE, and Microsoft MVP, mentioned Dima’s contribution in his book about Module Federation.

👉 Follow us!

We inspire professional growth and make knowledge-sharing one of the company’s priorities

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Valor's blog

🤝 And join us :)

We’re open, approachable, and eager to see new talented, and likely-minded people in our team. If you feel like our values match, check Valor's openings, and let’s grow and make cool things together!


  1. Fast and reliable Bootstrap widgets in Angular (supports Ivy engine)

    TypeScript 5.4k 1.7k

  2. ng2-dragula Public

    Simple drag and drop with dragula

    TypeScript 1.9k 441

  3. ng2-charts Public

    Beautiful charts for Angular based on Chart.js

    TypeScript 2.1k 555

  4. Easy to use Angular components for files upload

    TypeScript 1.9k 663

  5. ng2-select Public

    Angular based replacement for select boxes

    TypeScript 677 608

  6. ng2-tree Public

    Angular tree component

    TypeScript 352 185