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Web micro-framework written in Vala
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Latest commit 7482cb7 @arteymix arteymix Support TLS certificate for libsoup-2.4 (>=2.38)
Use the 'SERVER_TLS_CERTIFICATE' instead of both deprecated
'SERVER_SSL_CERT_FILE' and 'SERVER_SSL_KEY_FILE' if libsoup-2.4 (>=2.38)
is available.

There is no need to call 'set_ssl_cert_file' after.

Ensure that both '--ssl-cert-file' and '--ssl-cert-key' options are
provided with '--https'.

Valum web micro-framework

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Valum is a web micro-framework entirely written in the Vala programming language.

using Valum;
using VSGI.Soup;

var app = new Router ();

app.get ("", (req, res) => {
    res.body.write_all ("Hello world!".data, null);

new Server ("org.valum.example.App", app.handle).run ();


The installation process is fully documented in the user documentation.


  • asynchronous processing based on RAII and automated reference counting that just doesn't get in your way
  • powerful routing mechanism with scope, typed parameters and low-level utilities to write expressive web services
  • deploy anywhere with libsoup-2.4 built-in HTTP server, CGI, FastCGI or SCGI
  • handy CTPL integration for templating
  • extensive documentation available at


Valum is built by the community under the LGPL license, so anyone can use or contribute to the framework.

  1. fork repository
  2. pick one task from or GitHub issues
  3. let us know what you will do (or attempt!)
  4. code
  5. make a pull request of your amazing changes
  6. let everyone enjoy :)

We use semantic versionning, so make sure that your changes

  • does not alter api in bugfix release
  • does not break api in minor release
  • breaks api in major (we like it that way!)

Discussions and help

You can get help with Valum from different sources:

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