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About dataset

We annotate 23 attributes for DukeMTMC-reID, which is a subset of the DukeMTMC. The original dataset contains 702 identities for training and 1110 identities for testing. The attributes are annotated in the identity level, thus the file contains 24 x 702 attributes for training and 24 x 1110 for test, where the label "image_index" denotes the identity. The annotations are contained in the file duke_attribute.mat.

The 23 attributes are:

attribute representation in file label
gender gender male(1), female(2)
length of upper-body clothing top short upper body clothing(1), long(2)
wearing boots boots no(1), yes(2)
wearing hat hat no(1), yes(2)
carrying backpack backpack no(1), yes(2)
carrying bag bag no(1), yes(2)
carrying handbag handbag no(1), yes(2)
color of shoes shoes dark(1), light(2)
8 color of upper-body clothing upblack, upwhite, upred, uppurple, upgray, upblue, upgreen, upbrown no(1), yes(2)
7 color of lower-body clothing downblack, downwhite, downred, downgray, downblue, downgreen, downbrown no(1), yes(2)

Note that the though there are 7 and 8 attributes for lower-body clothing and upper-body clothing, only one color is labeled as yes (2) for an identity.



To evaluate, please repfer to the code here


DukeMTMC Dataset Bibtex

DukeMTMC-reID Protocol, Baseline Bibtex

DukeMTMC-attribute Bibtex

Dataset Licence

Please follow the LICENSE_DukeMTMC-attribute. You are free to share, create and adapt the DukeMTMC-reID dataset, in the manner specified in the license.

We also include the LICENSE_DukeMTMC. If you want to share, create and adapt the DukeMTMC dataset, please follow this license.

The DukeMTMC-attribute evaluation code is under the MIT License.


We thank Dr. Gao for annotating part of the dataset.


23 hand-annotated attributes of Duke dataset




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