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Speechy 🌶️

Speechy is a small LISP style programming language what uses Babel as an AST and transpiles to JavaScript.


You can install Speech from npm using the command

npm install speechylang or npm install speechylang -g

You also have to have node.js installed first

You can start the REPL by using the command speechy and run speechy files using speechy run path/to/file/example.spy

(Keep in mind that speechy files use the .spy extension).

Basic Overview

The syntax is super simple.

Speechy uses a prefix based LISP style syntax in the following manner:

(add 2 3 (multiply 4 5))

This code will multiple 4 and 5 and add the result of that operation (20) to 2 and 3, ultimately evaluating to 25.

Speechy also supports defining variables using the keyword "let".

(let x 2)

This is the same as saying let x = 2 in Javascript.

Standard Library

The Speechy standard library is incredibly small at the moment and consist of the following functions.

  • add: (add 2 3 4)
  • subtract: (subtract 2 3 4)
  • multiply: (multiple 2 3 4)
  • modulo: (modulo 2 10)
  • log: (log "hello, world!")
  • pi: (pi)
  • max: (max 2 3 4)
  • min: min(2 3 4)
  • percentage: (percentage 5 100)

Contact me at or file an issue if you notice anything wrong.


🌶️ A small LISP style programming language that transpiles to JavaScript.



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