🐭 A tiny 250b scroll listener with progress.
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Update On Scroll (uos)

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Update On Scroll (uos) is a 250b library to provide the easiest way for updating values on scroll. Based on percentual or pixel based begin and end values, progress is returned trough a callback.

This utility can be useful for CSS animations, DOM changes, WebGL transitions or anything that can be updated based on a progress value.


  • Small in size, no dependencies
  • Percentage or pixel based values
  • Optimized for multiple instances


$ npm install --save uos


Import the library:

import updateOnScroll from 'uos';

Update an element based on pixels:

updateOnScroll(100, 500, progress => {
  // Progress between 100px and 500px

Update an element based on percentages:

updateOnScroll(0.2, 0.6, progress => {
  // Progress between 20% and 60%

Only a single scroll listener will be used regardless of how many instances are created. The callback of an instance will be called on every update.


MIT © Colin van Eenige