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a redis client library for io
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iodis ~ a redis client library for io

usage ~
  $ io
  i := Iodis clone connect
  i set("foo", "bar")               ==> OK
  i get("foo")                      ==> bar
  i rpush("jobs", "job1")           ==> OK
  i rpush("jobs", "job2")           ==> OK
  i lpop("jobs")                    ==> job1

tests ~
  $ io tests/

beware ~
  iodis doesn't handle server timeouts. missing
  commands for zsets, sorting & persistence /
  remote server control. also, this is my first
  io code, suggestions for improvements are more
  than welcome.

credits ~
  dekorte / io, antirez / redis
  & ezmobius / redis-rb

license ~
  the mit. google it.
  (c) 2010 harry vangberg <>
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