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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.


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Patches to afl to fix bugs or add enhancements


This github repository is archived as it serves no real purpose anymore as we have now afl+ü which has all these patches plus many more great features:


All patches are for the current version afl-2.52b and can be applied in the extracted afl directory (patch -p0 < patch.diff).

NOTE: all patches are stand-alone. Hence several conflict with each other. To ease the pain, there is now AFLplusplus which is afl-2.52b with most of the patches here incorporated:

Additionally it has been upgraded to use qemu 3.1 and supports llvm 3.8 to 8. Enjoy!



afl-llvm-fix.diff - afl-clang: fix to afl llvm for SIGCHLD in the forkserver (by kcwu(at)csie(dot)org)

afl-llvm-fix2.diff - afl-clang: fix to afl llvm to remove target binary optimisation and use g++ for compiling (needed for LLVM 5.0+) (by mh(at)mh-sec(dot)de)

afl-sort-all_uniq-fix.diff - afl-cmin: fix sort (by legarrec(dot)vincent(at)gmail(dot)com)

llvm_versions_gt_4.diff - llvm_mode: fix crash when clang (with llvm version > 4.x) loads compiler pass (by heiko(dot)eissfeldt(at)hexco(dot).de)

Enhancements / Features

afl-fuzz-context_sensitive.diff - afl-fuzz: patch that reimplements Angora Fuzzer's context sensitive branch coverage extension. (by heiko(dot)eissfeldt(at)hexco(dot)de)

laf-intel.diff - afl-clang-fast/afl-clang-fast++: implements laf-intel (rewriting memcmp/strcmp for easier solving) (by heiko(dot)eissfeldt(at)hexco(dot)de)

afl-llvm-optimize.diff - afl-clang-fast/afl-clang-fast++: only instrument blocks that are relevant, ~5-10%% less blocks to instrument equals more speed and less map pollution. (by mh(at)mh-sec(dot)de)

afl-fuzz-tmpdir.diff - afl-fuzz: patch that adds AFL_TMPDIR where the .cur_input file will be written to. If you do not want your -o folder on a ramdisk this is what you want. (by mh(at)mh-sec(dot)de)

afl-tmpfs.diff - afl-fuzz: patch that uses tmpfs for the .cur_input file, basically the same idea that my patch uses, but maybe easier. (by jjudin(at)iki(dot)fi)

afl-fuzz-79x24.diff - afl-fuzz: lower the terminal requirements to 79x24 to display the status screen. (by heiko(dot)eissfeldt(at)hexco(dot)de)

afl-fuzz-fileextensionopt.diff - afl-fuzz: cmdline option to force the input file to have a specific extension

afl-qemu-optimize-entrypoint.diff - afl-qemu: fixes entrypoint detection for ARM thumb (by markh(dot)sj(at)gmail(dot)com plus adds AFL_ENTRYPOINT that lets you specify any point you want for the forkserver (gives more speed) (by mh(at)mh-sec(dot)de)

afl-qemu-optimize-logconditional.diff - afl-qemu: only log destinations of calls and conditional jumps. patch is only for INTEL and ARM. makes it a bit slower but helpful for large targets that fill up the map otherwise (by mh(at)mh-sec(dot)de)

afl-qemu-optimize-map.diff - afl-qemu: removes 2 instructions from afl_log at a cost of 64kb. (by mh(at)mh-sec(dot)de)

afl-qemu-speed.diff - afl-qemu: fixes afl/qemu to allow caching, x3 speed improvement. (by abiondo on github)

afl-qemu-ppc64.diff - afl-qemu: afl's patch is broken for PPC, william(dot)barsse(at)airbus(dot)com fixed it.

afl-as-AFL_INST_RATIO.diff - afl-as: do not divide by 3 with sanitizer if AFL_INST_RATIO is manually set. (by legarrec(dot)vincent(at)gmail(dot)com)

afl-cmin-reduce-dataset.diff - afl-cmin: rather small dataset of testcase instead of small testcase. (by legarrec(dot)vincent(at)gmail(dot)com)


Patches to afl to fix bugs or add enhancements








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