Burrow.NET is a simple library created based on some EasyNetQ ideas, it's a thin wrapper of RabbitMQ.Client for .NET. Basically, if you just need to put your message or subscribe messages from RabbitMQ server, you found the right place. With Burrow.NET, you can easily customize almost everything start with exchange and queue name, changing the w…
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Burrow.NET, Release 1.0.x (since Mar 12, 2012)

This project is no longer under active development, that means there won't be any new features. However, I'll fix bugs and minor things such as dependency issues.


This project is created based on the idea of EasyNetQ, since Mike Hadlow used MIT licence, I hope he doesn't mind when I use his source code in this project.

I was so lucky to have chances to work with RabbitMQ in my 2 recent companies. EasyNetQ is the library I looked into at first place. Honestly, It's a good implementation, the author covered many problems he got with RabbitMQ and I learnt from that as well. However, I created this project for below reasons:

  • I need an easier & flexible way to define Exchange names and Queue names by my conventions
  • I need to have different priority queues for messages
  • I need my app to fail over to alive RabbitMQ node in a cluster
  • I need more flexibilities to inject behaviors for logging, error handling, object serializing, etc.
  • And I want to be busy :D

Burrow.NET has been supporting all of those and other things, we've been using this library in many apps in our production environment to process million of messages a day.

Alright, to publish a message, you just need something like:

var tunnel = RabbitTunnel.Factory.Create();
tunnel.Publish(new OrderDetail
    Name = "Google Nexus 7",
    Color = "Black",
    Amount = 1  

To subscribe:

var tunnel = RabbitTunnel.Factory.Create();
tunnel.Subscribe(new SubscriptionOption<OrderDetail>
    BatchSize = 2,
    MessageHandler = (msg) =>
        // Process message here
    QueuePrefetchSize = 10,
    SubscriptionName = "SubscriptionKey"

Ofcourse you're gonna need a connection string to RabbitMQ server, exchange and queue defined to make it work. Please go to document page for more details how to run the test projects.

Beside Burrow.NET, I have implemented Burrow.Extras and Burrow.RPC which provide some utilities to play with RabbitMQ using C# such as priority queue implementation and RPC.


  • Install RabbitMQ
  • Create exchange (type *direct): Burrow.Exchange
  • Create queue: Burrow.Queue.BurrowTestApp.Bunny
  • Bind above queue to exchange Burrow.Exchange
  • Get latest source code
  • Run Burrow.Publisher to publish messages
  • Run Burrow.Subscriber to subscribe messagages asynchronously from the queue.


Documentation can be found at github wiki page: https://github.com/vanthoainguyen/Burrow.NET/wiki/_pages

Some blog posts:

Nuget library is also added at http://nuget.org/packages/Burrow.NET


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