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Emacs Lisp
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This library contains various functions that are used in some of my other libraries. So far it contains mostly functions for doing things with keys and keymaps.

Functions & macros

Internal Functions


jb-command-key-description is a Lisp function.

(jb-command-key-description CMD &optional KEYMAPS SEP)

Return description of key-sequence for CMD. The KEYMAPS can be a single keymap/variable or list of keymaps/variables to search for CMD, otherwise overriding-local-map is searched. By default the first keybinding will be returned, but if SEP is supplied it will be used to seperate the descriptions of all key-sequences bound to CMD. If there is no key-sequence for command then a string in the form “M-x CMD” will be returned.


(jb-eval-keymap KEYMAP)

Return the keymap pointed to by KEYMAP, or KEYMAP itself if it is a keymap.


jb-keymaps-in-file is a Lisp function.

(jb-keymaps-in-file FILE &optional EVAL)

Return a list of keymaps and variables pointing to keymaps that are used in FILE. If EVAL is non-nil eval any variables in the returned list.


jb-remove-unreadable is a Lisp function.

(jb-remove-unreadable TREE)

Remove unreadable objects from TREE. Return value has the same structure as TREE but with all unreadable objects removed.

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