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A simple package repository for VapourSynth. It is implemented in a way that keeps no state between invocations and can therefore be pointed at any pre-existing plugin and script directory.

All packages are by default installed to the per user plugin autoload directory and the per user Python site-packages directory. If you're using a portable install of VapourSynth simply use the -p switch.

By default binaries matching the platform Python is running on are installed. This can be overridden by adding -t win32 or -t win64 to the commandline.


Install plugins and scripts. Identifier, namespace, modulename and name are searched for matches in that order. install havsfunc ffms2 d2v

Update all installed packages to the latest version. upgrade-all

Fetch latest package definitions. update

List all currently installed packages. installed

List all known packages. Useful if you can't remember the namespace or identifier. available

Remove all files related to a package. Dependencies are not taken into consideration so uninstalling plugins may break scripts. uninstall nnedi3

VSRUpdate has two main purposes. The compile command which combines all the individual package files into one distributable file and update-local which queries the github api and tries to automatically add all new releases.

It's only useful if you want to update or add new packages.

Usage example: update-local -o -g <github token> compile