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Atom editor's missing toolbar
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Toolbar Almighty - the only toolbar you need

This is a toolbar that provides many commonly used actions utilizing the tool-bar API.


Toolbar entries

Available toolbar buttons:

  • new file
  • open file
  • open folder
  • save file
  • open git-control (missing from the screenshot) (requires git-control package)
  • open git projects (requires git-projects package)
  • list projects (requires project-manager package)
  • split screen horizontally
  • split screen vertically
  • git merge conflicts (requires merge-conflicts package)
  • toggle fullscreen
  • toggle tree-view
  • toggle minimap (requires minimap package)
  • auto indent
  • fold all
  • unfold all
  • reload window
  • toggle devtools
  • settings

Note: The toolbar buttons that require other packages will only appear if you have those packages installed


First you have to install the tool-bar package which is required:

apm install tool-bar

Then you install the tool-bar-almighty package:

apm install tool-bar-almighty


  1. You have the ability to include custom entries.
  2. You also have the ability to load the suggested defaults along side your custom entries, or only the custom entries.

Custom entries

You have the ability to include custom entries in the tool-bar-almighty by enabling the option in the package settings and entering a path relative to your .atom directory (that contains the entries you want to add).

The file must be in JSON format that contains an Array of entries.


The format is based on tool-bar's but include 2 extra properties.

  1. type indicates whether the entry is a button or a spacer
  2. dependency indicates whether a button's package is not installed by default in Atom and should only be displayed if it's package is installed.


  • Create a file inside .atom's directory, in this case ~/.atom/custom_entries.json
  • The tool-bar-almighty setting's value must match the filename mentioned above custom_entries.json (relative to the .atom directory)
  • The content of the file should look like the following:
    "type": "button",
    "tooltip": "Open File",
    "callback": "application:open-file",
    "icon": "document-text",
    "iconset": "ion"
    "type": "spacer"
    "type": "button",
    "tooltip": "Open Folder",
    "callback": "application:open-folder",
    "icon": "folder",
    "iconset": "ion"
    "type": "button",
    "tooltip": "Merge Conflicts",
    "dependency": "merge-conflicts",
    "callback": "merge-conflicts:detect",
    "icon": "code-fork",
    "iconset": "fa"

Known Issues / FAQ

  • We've decided to remove the term2/term3 entries from the default entries, for more details and a possible fix read this issue's thread.
  • We've decided to only support the JSON format for the custom entries to prevent future formating issues.


The MIT License

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