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Welcome to the robin wiki!

Basically this is a rolling list of plans for the SoC that I am implementing on an iCEbreaker board.

  • optimizations in the cpu: less complex state machine and tighter read cycle. Those ideas will surface on the CPU Page
  • nitpick source files with iverilog [because yosys is very lenient]
  • implement a small fixed point math library to get a feel for code density and speed. This also doubles as a regression test framework to check changes in the cpu.
  • memory mapped access to leds,buttons and perhaps gpio [leds done]
  • Reset button, with proper debouncing [done Blog article]
  • halt and reset vectors on the cpu
  • assembler for the new cpu [mostly done, but undocumented]
  • better/bigger memory system [added spram Blog article on spram]
  • Memory mapped serial I/O [done mostly, but undocumented]
  • CPU, with ALU [done mostly, but undocumented]
  • UART, with FIFOs [done]
  • UART, basic echoing [done Blog article]
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