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eclipse-to-maven mavenises the existing Eclipse based workspace.


  • Converts .classpath files into pom.xml
  • If required, prints the depdency graph of eclipse projects.
  • Moves source folders according to Maven convention. So for instance Java sources go to src/main/java folder.
  • Removes spaces in the names of the folders. So "Calculator Component" becomes "CalculatorComponent"
  • Right now Mavenisation is limited to generating dependencies in the pom. However this is a good first step in moving forward. With small changes you should be able to run the build for your projects.

Getting Started


  • As eclipse-to-maven uses java.nio features of JDK-7, you need to have it or download it from either openjdk or from Oracle JDK location
  • Declare an environment variable called JAVA_HOME_7 which points to the JDK-7 home directory.
  • Create the build of eclipse-to-maven using Maven "mvn clean install"
  • Copy existing workspace into a separate directory.


Please follow following src/main/java/resources/ setup before running the application

  • For converting existing eclipse workspace to maven, set '' property as 'true'. This switch is useful if you just want to print the dependency tree (read-only operation) for instance.

  • For removing spaces in folder names, use following switch:

  • For printing the dependency tree of eclipse projects set following properties



    print.dependency.graph.filepath=<file path>

  • For internal dependencies groupId and project groupId , you may want to setup default as follows:



Running eclipse-to-maven from Eclipse

  • Import eclipse-to-maven in any eclipse workspace.
  • Right click EclipseToMaven --> Run As --> Run Configurations -->
  • Pass the Eclipse workspace location with application Arguments as follows: eclipse-to-maven args
  • Run the application

Running eclipse-to-maven from Command Prompt

Make sure JAVA_HOME is pointing to JDK-7.

Run the following from command prompt:

$ mvn clean install exec:java -Dexec.args="<eclipse workspace path>"

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