Supplementary files for Ribeiro et al. ISME 2018
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CARBOM 18S otus 0.02 abundance.xlsx
CARBOM 18S otus 0.02.fasta
CARBOM ISME Supplementary Material version 3.4.pdf
CARBOM nifH otus 0.02 abundance.xlsx
CARBOM nifH otus 0.02.fasta
Ribeiro ISME _Supplementary Tables version 3.0.xlsx


Contains all supplementary files for the following paper :

Gérikas Ribeiro C, Lopes dos Santos A, Marie D, Brandini P, Vaulot D. (2018). Small eukaryotic phytoplankton communities off Brazil are dominated by symbioses between Haptophyta and nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria. ISME J in press.