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Docker MySQL master-slave replication
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Docker MySQL master-slave replication

MySQL master-slave replication with using Docker.


To run this examples you will need to start containers with "docker-compose" and after starting setup replication. See commands inside ./

Create 2 MySQL containers with master-slave row-based replication


Make changes to master

docker exec mysql_master sh -c "export MYSQL_PWD=111; mysql -u root mydb -e 'create table code(code int); insert into code values (100), (200)'"

Read changes from slave

docker exec mysql_slave sh -c "export MYSQL_PWD=111; mysql -u root mydb -e 'select * from code \G'"


Check Logs

docker-compose logs

Start containers in "normal" mode

Go through "" and run command step-by-step.

Check running containers

docker-compose ps

Clean data dir

rm -rf ./master/data/*
rm -rf ./slave/data/*

Run command inside "mysql_master"

docker exec mysql_master sh -c 'mysql -u root -p111 -e "SHOW MASTER STATUS \G"'

Run command inside "mysql_slave"

docker exec mysql_slave sh -c 'mysql -u root -p111 -e "SHOW SLAVE STATUS \G"'

Enter into "mysql_master"

docker exec -it mysql_master bash

Enter into "mysql_slave"

docker exec -it mysql_slave bash
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