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Strongly Typed ID type Generator

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This tool uses simple text files as input like :

public Corp.Product.UserId<string>

public Corp.Product.TweetId<long>
    EqualsUnderlying: true

And generate for each type specified a type that can be used as a strongly-typed ID:

  • It's an immutable value type with a single member.
  • The struct is partial to allow addition of methods and properties.
  • null values are disallowed by default and an extensibility point is available to add more application-dependent checks.
  • Casts from and to the underlying type are available. (explicit by default)
  • Equality member and operators are lifted, by default the ID types are only equals between themselves but equality with the underlying type is can be enabled with EqualsUnderlying setting.
  • IEquatable<T> is implemented.
  • IConvertible is implemented if the underlying type implement it.
  • IComparable<Id> is implemented if IComparable<Underlying> is implemented by the underlying type.
  • Other IComparable<T> implementations are lifted if EqualsUnderlying is set.
  • string IDs are interned by default.

Examples of generated files can be found in the sample folder.


The recommended way is via paket or nuget.

For nuget :

nuget install stidgen -ExcludeVersion -OutputDirectory packages

For paket, add nuget stidgen to your paket.dependencies and then to install it :

/.paket/paket.exe install

A zip file containing the latest released version can also be found in the latest GitHub release.


Then to generate all files specified by a stidgen definition file :

./packages/stidgen/tools/stidgen.exe myfile.stidgen

Definition file format

Each definition file can contain a number of types of the form :

public|internal [Namespace.]TypeName<UnderlyingType>
    PropertyA: value
    PropertyB: value

Properties :

  • ValueProperty (string): Specify the name of the property containing the underlying value. Default to "Value".
  • AllowNull (bool): Allow null underlying values (only applies if the underlying type is a reference type). Default to false.
  • InternString (bool): Intern string underlying values (only applies if the underlying type is string. Default to true.
  • EqualsUnderlying (bool): Make the underlying be equal to the Id type when Equals, CompareTo and == are called.
    Also implements IEquatable<Underlying> and IComparable<Underlying> on the id type.
  • CastToUnderlying ("explicit" or "implicit"): Specify how is generated the cast from the id type to the underlying type. Default to "explicit".
  • CastFromUnderlying ("explicit" or "implicit"): Specify how is generated the cast from the underlying type to the id type. Default to "explicit".
  • FileName (string): Full name of the file to generate for this type. Default to "TypeName.Generated.cs".
  • ProtobufnetSerializable (bool): Enable the generation of [ProtoContract] and [ProtoMember] attributes for protobuf-net support. Default to false.