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Unianio Framework - Unity Based Animation Framework
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Unianio Framework




Unianio is unity framework for procedural 3D humanoid character animations

In addition to that, the framework provides:

  • Messaging
  • Inversion of Control
  • 3D Geometry and Math Utilities

How to Install Unianio?

  1. Download unity package:

  2. Import it in your unity project by clicking on

    Menu - Assets - Import Package - Custom Package

    then choose previously downloaded package and import it

  3. Create new game object by right clicking on the scene in Hierarchy, then choosing Game Object - Create Empty

  4. Then click on that object andf in the Inspector choose Add Component then choose Unianio Setup

How to Import New Models?

Currently Unianio supports Make Human models

You can create them as you like, there are only 2 requirements in Make Human:

  1. In Pose/Animate you have to choose Default no toes

  2. When you export the model (File - Export) choose meter as unit scale

Then inside Unity:

  1. After you add the model to the scene click on it and add Unianio Make Human Model from the inspector

  2. You may want to change Persona ID giving a model name if you will have multiple models

Video Tutorials

  1. How to Install? How to Import Models?

  2. Simple Walk Animation

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