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Hits-of-Code Drone build Gitlab build dependency status

Small webservice, that returns a badge of the Hits-of-Code of a git repository, as described by Yegor Bugayenko. It is implemented in Rust, using the actix-web web framework.

A live version of this webservice can be found on


The API is as simple as


where <service> is one of gitub, gitlab, bitbucket or sourcehut. The HoC data can also be received as JSON by appending /json to the reuqest path:


There is also an overview page available via https://<host>/<service>/<user>/<repo>/view

To delete a repository and the cache from the server, send a POST request to https://<host>/<service>/<user>/<repo>/delete. On the overview page, there is a button to perform this operation. It will respond with a redirect to the overview page so the cache is rebuilt directly.


The code can be built as a standalone binary, using cargo or as a Docker container. Run either

$ cargo build --release


$ docker build .

inside the repository.

I'm currently working on migrating to nix. To get a development shell, run nix-shell, to build the package run nix-build --attr package and to build the Docker image, run nix-build --attr dockerImage.


Rename hoc.toml.example to hoc.toml or .env.example to .env and set the correct value for base_url/HOC_BASE_URL. If you don't want to use a configuration or dotenv file, you can pass all parameters directly via environment variables. For variable names see .env.example.

To start a local instance of the service just run:

$ HOC_BASE_URL='' ./hoc

You can also use the Docker image:

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 --env HOC_BASE_URL='' -it --rm vbrandl/hits-of-code

When running the binary directly, you need a git binary in your PATH.


hoc is licensed under the MIT License (LICENSE or