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This repository is kinda DEPRECATED as I'm not using xmonad anymore. But it will stay there for the time beeing as inspiration ;-).

                                          __                             ___ __        
.--.--..--------..-----..-----..---.-..--|  |______.----..-----..-----..'  _|__|.-----.
|_   _||        ||  _  ||     ||  _  ||  _  |______|  __||  _  ||     ||   _|  ||  _  |
|__.__||__|__|__||_____||__|__||___._||_____|      |____||_____||__|__||__| |__||___  |

XMonad is my window manager of choice, and this is the git repository where my configurations are stored.

xmonad is a dynamically tiling X11 window manager that is written and configured in Haskell. In a normal WM, you spend half your time aligning and searching for windows. xmonad makes work easier, by automating this. Xmonad

I switched to awesome-wm a while ago (more than a year now) but I think I'm gonna rework this setup to be used with KDE4 as it integrates way better than awesome-wm with it.