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NodeJS driver for Connex framework
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Connex Driver for NodeJS

npm version

It drives Connex Framework to work in NodeJS environment. Now you can use Connex in NodeJS backend project.


# install driver along with framework
npm i @vechain/connex-framework @vechain/connex.driver-nodejs


The REPL playground is a good start.

import { Framework } from '@vechain/connex-framework'
import { Driver, SimpleNet, SimpleWallet } from '@vechain/connex.driver-nodejs'

const wallet = new SimpleWallet()
// add account by importing private key
wallet.import('<private key>')

const driver = await Driver.connect(new SimpleNet('http://localhost:8669/'), wallet)
const connex = new Framework(driver)
// here get connex object ready to use

// config tx parameters, e.g. expiration, gasPriceCoef
driver.txParams.expiration = 18
driver.txParams.gasPriceCoef = 128

// watch committed tx
driver.onTxCommit = txObj => {
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