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Laravel 10 & Vue.js 3 (Options API) + Vuex Sample Project

Laravel & Vue Sample Project is a tutorial Single Page Application (SPA) for Laravel 6 and Vue.js 2.6 Frontend


Use login: and password: 123456


git clone # To clone repo
cd running-time
composer install # Install php dependencies

# Prepare enviroment variables
cp .env.example .env # Copy configuration file
php artisan key:generate # Generate unique key

# Prepare database
touch database/database.sqlite # Create sqlite database
php artisan migrate --seed # Create DB Schema and seed sample data
php artisan passport:install # Install Passport

# Compile assets
yarn # Install Javascript dependencies
yarn prod # Compile assets

# Start server
php artisan serve # Start server

Open http://localhost:8000 to view site

If you don't have installed yarn, run npm install -g yarn

Main features

  • Fully separate Backend and Frontend
  • Authentication based on Laravel Passport
  • List pages with filters and CRUD editing
  • Backend validation
  • Admin panel
  • Simple widgets
  • Simple reports
  • Full Phpunit test coverage
  • E2E tests with Cypress
  • Continuous integration with GitHub Actions
  • Development configuration with Docker


Other Features

  • Front page
  • Authentication (registration, login, logout, throttle)
  • Users roles: administrator (all access), manager (manage records)
  • User dashborad with widgets and charts
  • Entries list with filter by date (list, show, edit, delete, create)
  • Report page with chart
  • User profile page
  • Admin dashboard with widgets
  • Users admin (list, show, edit, delete, create)
  • Entries admin (list, show, edit, delete, create)
  • Global loader overlay for all requests
  • Eslint code standard check
  • Lodash-es to allow tree shaking for bundle size optimization
  • Support IE11 with Polyfills


To run convenient development server with hot reloading:

php artisan serve # Will serve backend on localhost:8000
yarn hot # Will serve frontend on loaclhost:8080 and proxy api requests to localhost:8000

And open http://localhost:8080

Alternatively you can use watch method:

yarn watch

And open http://localhost:8000

To compile assets for production run:

yarn prod

# Or to display bundle analyzer run:
yarn production -- --env.analyzer true 

Development with Docker

If you want to use more features like Redis queues, MariaDB database, sending and viewing sent emails you can use Docker setup on this project.

For you you will need Docker installed on your host

To build the image for Docker, run:

docker-compose build

It will build all images and run all needed containers.

Then use ENV variables, prepared specificly for Docker:

cp .env.docker.example .env
docker-compose run php php artisan key:generate

Migrate and seed database, and install Passport:

 docker-compose run php php artisan migrate --seed
 docker-compose run php php artisan passport:install

To run the project in Docker just run:

docker-compose up

And open http://localhost:8080

To run all the Artisan or Test commands you can use docker-compose run php before the command to run it in the container. If you want to run command in currently running container, use docker-compose exec php.


To run all PHPUnit tests:

# Or
yarn test

To run Cypress E2E tests:

php artisan serve
yarn e2e-run
# Or you can open GUI with
yarn e2e

Demo Credentials

For testing application the database is seeded with sample users:


  • Upgrade Bootstrap to v4
  • Setup Travis to run Cypress tests
  • Add more E2E cypress tests


And of course: