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Dark mode implementation for GitHub with many customizable options.


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Dark mode implementation for GitHub with many customizable options.

Version 1.0.0-rc.8 with Fira Sans as the base font, and Iosevka Extended as the monospace font.


Experimental userstyle for GitHub that uses my procedural color generator and GitHub’s native CSS variables. It is not ready, and will never compete with GitHub Dark project.

The major goal of this experimental userstyle is to improve the color generator itself on a large website that can utilize most, if not all of its colors. By the end, depending on where things go, this userstyle might be archived, or it might fully replace the use of GitHub Dark for me personally.

Update 26.06.2021: I’ve been using this userstyle and it completely replaced GHD for me. While it doesn’t have the best (if any) support for various sub-domains, the core app, gists, and docs are supported (for the most part).


You have to install Stylus and then click on the install link below.

To customize default options, refer to vednoc/dark-whatsapp’s configuration page for more information on the matter.

Supported extensions


Contributing is welcome!