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Hustlr: The Web App that Names Your Startup

A Flask webapp with a Mongo backend that will generate a name of a startup based on Hacker News.

To see it in action, go here.


This webapp serves the code needed to generate your own Hacker News startup name.

Underlying Business Logic

# Import Python HN API and Pyphen
from hackernews import HackerNews
import pyphen
import random
from itertools import chain

# Generate dictionary
dic = pyphen.Pyphen(lang='en')

# Generate HN
hn = HackerNews()

# Get top 50 Stories
top_stories = hn.top_stories(limit=50)

# Get individual words in titles
words = [title for story in top_stories for title in story.title.strip("'").strip(",").split(' ')]

# Get syllables per word
syllables = [syllable for word in words if not word.islower() and not word.isupper() for syllable in dic.inserted(word).split("-") ]

# Generate mixed list of syllables
mixed_bag = [syllable for syllable in syllables if len(syllables) > 1]

print("***Congrats on your new startup:***")

To Build Locally:

  1. Clone repo
  2. Install Mongo, Python3, Docker, and Docker-Compose.
  3. CD into the repo.
  4. Run docker-compose build
  5. Run docker-compose up
  6. Navigate to localhost on your browser.