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heart and soul of veekun's pokédex
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Latest commit d0e69d6 Mar 26, 2016 @eevee eevee Increase the maximum allowed stat in the stat calculator
It was 700 for some reason, but Blissey can have 714 HP, whoops.  999 is
probably a better assumption; at least a few games have surely been
designed to only have space for three digits.


This software is copyrighted and licensed under the MIT license.  See the file
entitled LICENSE for full copyright and license text.

This software makes use of terminology from the Pokémon series of video games.
This terminology is the intellectual property of Nintendo, Creatures, inc., and
GAME FREAK, inc. and is protected by various trademarks.  The author believes
that the use of this intellectual property for a fan reference is covered by
fair use and that the software is significantly impaired without said property
included.  Any use of this trademarked property is at your own legal risk.

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Alex Munroe (Eevee):
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