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A web interface to automate Scanning, Generating metasploit payload, Network Testing,Exploring CMS,Information Gathering and much more
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Penetration Testing Toolkit

A web interface to automate Scanning, Generating metasploit payload, Network Testing,Exploring CMS,Information Gathering,DNS Queries,IP Tools,Domain tools and much more

Developed by Rakesh Pandey,

Released under GPL see LICENSE for more information


git clone

Option 1(

cd Penetration-Testing-Toolkit-master

chmod +x

./ .

most of the dependencies will be installed but to use some modules(URL FUZZER and to Check if domain uses load balancing) you may need to install 'lbd' and 'uniscan' manually.

If you want you can add kali linux official repos (/etc/sources.list) in your Ubuntu (/etc/sources.list) just to install all the dependencies

Option 2(Manually):

1.Unzip the downloaded zip file

2.Go to the the directory where you extracted your file

cd Penetration-Testing-Toolkit-master

3.Add user 'www-data' into /etc/sudoers file

echo "www-data ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL">>/etc/sudoers

4a.Add the Backbox and Backtrack repositories if you are running Ubuntu

4b.If you are running kali linux,You don't need to add any repositories,but if you want you can add backbox linux repos

Install automater in kali :


dpkg -i automater_1.2.1-0backbox1_all.deb

5.Install apache2 and php

apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5

6.Copy 'lab' folder to your web root (/var/www)

cp -r lab /var/www

7.Install the dependencies listed below by using apt-get or manually


nmap, mingw32,siege, metasploit(msf), nikto, whatweb, sslyze, wapiti, amap, xprobe, dmitry, blindelephant, dnstracer, curl, lynx, mtr, fping, urlcrazy, automater, shellinabox, nbtscan,uniscan,lbd,weevely,amap

How To Use

open http://yourip/lab in your web browser


  • Includes web interface for different tools for web scanning like nmap,uniscan,lbd,wapiti,nikto,whatweb,sslyze etc
  • Generates metasploit payload for almost all operating systems (windows,linux,Apple osx,Android)
  • Generate backdoors for debian packages,exe files and pdf
  • Includes web interface for theharvester
  • Google hacking
  • Collect various types of datas from a URL
  • Includes cms-explorer i.e..scan wordpress,joomla,drpal,blindelephant scan etc
  • Includes DNS-related tools,IP tools,ping test,link extractor and checker,traceroute etc
  • Domain tools such as domain availability checker,page rank checker,domain age checker,alexa rank,whois lookup etc
  • Includes web interface for urlcrazy to generate and test domain typos
  • And much more.....
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