Tooltip Plugin for Vega-Lite
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Tooltip for Vega & Vega-Lite

A tooltip plugin for Vega and Vega-Lite visualizations.

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The development of Vega Tooltip is led by Zening Qu, with significant help from Kanit "Ham" Wongsuphasawat and Dominik Moritz.



For Vega-Lite: vl.tooltip(vgView, vlSpec[, options])

For Vega: vg.tooltip(vgView[, options])


  1. Creating Your Tooltip
  2. Customizing Your Tooltip

Run Instructions

  1. In the project folder vega-tooltip, type command npm install to install dependencies.
  2. Then, type npm start. This will build the library and start a web server.
  3. In your browser, navigate to http://localhost:4000/, where you can see various Vega-Lite and Vega visualizations with tooltip interaction.