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Vega Strike

Home for the development of the Vega Strike Game Engine and the game "Vega Strike: Upon the Coldest Sea"

Popular repositories

  1. Vega Strike Engine

    C++ 152 35

  2. Vega Strike - Upon The Coldest Sea Game Data in Engine-Consumable Form

    Python 10 11

  3. Vega Strike Upon The Coldest Sea Original Game Data Art Sources (e.g. hi-poly/hi-res source models/images)

    Rich Text Format 6 4

  4. Engine Design Document, Game Design Document, Technical Art Manuals, and Art-Bibles, etc.

    TeX 5 2

  5. Open (Libre) Vega Strike Fictional Universe Canon - Design and Documentation

    TeX 2 2

  6. Tools Public

    ... it would be nice to have some, wouldn't it ...

    Python 2 5


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