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Release notes


Improvement of the experience

Clicking on a link in the paste bar will no longer open the link. An option has been added to allow to detect the web page titles when a URL has been copied.

Colors support

Improvement of the support of colors. The '#' is not required anymore to detect a color.


Stability improved

Seven five issues :


Stability improved

Fixed five issues. More info here


Colors support

A new render in the paste bar will appear when you copy a color in hexadecimal format.

Safety improved

Now, by default, passwords and credit card numbers will not be synchronized.

Stability improved

Fixed four issues.More info here


Start and update

The update process and start with Windows feature have been fixed.


Search bar improved

You can now filter the pictures.

Stability improved

Fixed five issues. More info here


New security options

Your data are protected by a new algorithm. Also, you can define an application to ignore like password managers and banking apps.

Multiple monitors and HDPI supported

The paste bar now fit to any monitor size, screen resolution and screen scale.

Smart search

Accessing to your data is faster thanks to a smart search bar that allows to filter by data type.

Inspired by Windows 10 for Windows 10

A dark and touch friendly interface is now available. The paste bar can be displayed to the bottom of the screen. The integration to Windows 10 allows better performances and less memory consumption.

Synchronization with OneDrive and DropBox

More stable and faster synchronization, still with your personal Cloud storage account to keep the control on your data.

iOS and Android

Smartphone and tablet apps will be available soon and will offer the possibility to keep and retrieve what you copy on another device.