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Parken & Plantsoenen

In this repo you can find the app I made from scratch. The app is based on a sparQL service from Adamlink. It shows all parks of Amsterdam in a map.

Preview image

My work Velomovies.


The app shows all parks of Amsterdam. You can choose the park and it loads all photos. Next to that you can choose a date. Per park it shows when the park is build.

On the homepage you see a map with all parks. When clicked on a park it starts a function on the hash change. When the data gets updated in the future it should automatically show more data.


The app uses the sparQL service of Adamlink. The service uses a few databases and connects them. This ensures that we can make a comprehensive app.

Because the data changes constantly we can make an app which may or may not be bigger in the future.

The queries I used where:

PREFIX dct: <>
      PREFIX foaf: <>
      PREFIX dc: <>
      PREFIX owl: <>
      PREFIX wd: <>
      PREFIX wdt: <>
      PREFIX rdfs: <>
      PREFIX sem: <>
      PREFIX geo: <>
      SELECT ?ALstreet ?ALstreetLabel ?date ?wkt WHERE {
          SERVICE <> {
            ?park wdt:P31 wd:Q22698  .
            ?park wdt:P131 wd:Q9899 .
          ?ALstreet owl:sameAs ?park .
          ?ALstreet rdfs:label ?ALstreetLabel .
          OPTIONAL {?ALstreet sem:hasEarliestBeginTimeStamp ?date . }
          ?ALstreet geo:hasGeometry ?geo .
          ?geo geo:asWKT ?wkt .
          UNION {
          ?ALstreet rdfs:label ?ALstreetLabel .
          FILTER REGEX(?ALstreetLabel,"park$") .
          OPTIONAL {?ALstreet sem:hasEarliestBeginTimeStamp ?date . }
          ?ALstreet geo:hasGeometry ?geo .
          ?geo geo:asWKT ?wkt .
          UNION {
          ?ALstreet rdfs:label ?ALstreetLabel .
          FILTER REGEX(?ALstreetLabel,"plantsoen$") .
          OPTIONAL {?ALstreet sem:hasEarliestBeginTimeStamp ?date . }
          ?ALstreet geo:hasGeometry ?geo .
          ?geo geo:asWKT ?wkt .
      GROUP BY ?ALstreet ?ALstreetLabel ?date ?wkt
      ORDER BY ?date
PREFIX dct: <>
      PREFIX foaf: <>
      PREFIX dc: <>
      SELECT ?imgurl ?type ?title WHERE {
        ?bbitem dct:spatial <${parkLink.uri}> .
        ?bbitem foaf:depiction ?imgurl .
        ?bbitem dc:type ?type .
        ?bbitem dc:title ?title .
      LIMIT 100

The year you want to show you can choose yourself


I implemented a few features:

  • Show every park on the map
  • See all photo's of the selected park
  • Show the year when the park was build
  • Filter all years
  • Custom markers
  • Marker shows active


Most of the features I wanted in this app I implemented succesfully. Below is a little list of some features I would like to have.

  • Search function to search a artist and see their art pieces
  • A way to select art pieces from a specific date
  • Show a image per artist in the home section
  • A slick design



Transparency Leonidas (for templating)

Routie Jgallen (for routing on hash change)

Leafletjs Vladimir Agafonkin (for rendering a map)

Terraformer Esri (for making usable geojson)


GPL-3.0 © Victor Zumpolle

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