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org_member is CRM for member of organization that has members which
pay feed for membership in regular way. It keeps track of the fees payments.
Attendance on organization actions is also included (now hardwired).

Installation - TBD

1. Clone the read-only repo

    git clone git://

2. Install the dependencies via PIP.

    pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Add org_member into your INSTALLED_APPS as well as other dependant apps.

4. Include org_member.urls into your root url conf

    url(r'^org_member/', include('org_member.urls'),
6. Add org_member configs into settings

	ORG_MEMBER_DEFAULT_MEMBER_GROUP: groups that is automatically assigned to new members (optional)
	ORG_MEMBER_ACCOUNT_NUMBER: bank account number that is sent in welcome message to pay fee
	ORG_MEMBER_FEES: dictionary of fees according to membership type (see MEMBERSHIP_TYPE_CHOICES)
7. You are done