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BCI Feedback Framework in Python
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The official repository has moved!

The official Pyff repository has a new home at the BBCI github account. Please use the new one for forks, issues, etc.

How to use the FeedbackController

Enter the src directory and start FeedbackController:

cd src

If you made changes to the gui.ui or just checked out the tree from SVN, you may have to rebuild the

cd src

How to use the parallel port under linux

$ sudo modprobe -r lp
$ sudo chmod 666 /dev/parport0

Citing Us

If you use Pyff for anything that results in a publication, We humbly ask you to cite us:

    author={Venthur, Bastian  and  Scholler, Simon  and  Williamson, John  and  Dähne, Sven  and  Treder, Matthias S  and  Kramarek, Maria T  and  Müller, Klaus-Robert  and  Blankertz, Benjamin},
    title={Pyff---A Pythonic Framework for Feedback Applications and Stimulus Presentation in Neuroscience},
    journal={Frontiers in Neuroinformatics},
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