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Verlihub 1.2.0.x

Verlihub is a NeoModus Direct Connect server for Unix and Linux based operating systems that provides useful high level functions such as:

  • Very low RAM and CPU usage
  • It can hold more than 20.000 users
  • Utility scripts for simple installation and hub management
  • Export and import of hub setting via MySQL
  • User management with privilegies
  • Logging of nicks and IPs
  • Clients and connection management
  • Extend functionality with Lua, Python and Perl scripts
  • Generate statistics for your hub
  • Import users from PtokaX, Aquila or YnHub
  • And alot more



  • PayPal:
  • BitCoin: 1DDckwdpRmwzJVpZ9QRkMTugQFEbft43Rw
  • Ethereum: 0xA24034373D87a28dCF1eEC394b1cEB0dAd8649D0
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