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**This project is being (mostly) migrated into Forge!** -- Magit-based interfaces to GitHub
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Overview -- the status buffer


MELPA Status Build Status Gitter MELPA Stable Status GitHub Commits

Magithub is a collection of interfaces to GitHub integrated into Magit workflows:

  • Push new repositories
  • Fork existing ones
  • List and create issues and pull requests
  • Keep offline notes for your eyes only
  • Write comments
  • Manage labels and assignees
  • Stay up-to-date with status checks (e.g., CI) and notifications
  • ...

as well as support for working offline.

Happy hacking!

Quick Start

GitHub rate-limits unauthenticated requests heavily, so Magithub does not support making such requests. Consequently, ghub must be authenticated before using Magithub -- see its README for those instructions.

(use-package magithub
  :after magit
  (magithub-feature-autoinject t)
  (setq magithub-clone-default-directory "~/github"))

See the full documentation for more details.

Getting Help

See the FAQ in the full documentation. If your question isn't answered there, drop by the Gitter room.


I'm gainfully and happily employed with a company that frowns on moonlighting, so unfortunately I can't accept any monetary support. Instead, please direct any and all support to Magit itself!


There used to be another magithub: nex3/magithub. It's long-since unsupported and apparently has many issues (see nex3/magithub#11 and nex3/magithub#13) and was removed from MELPA some years ago. If you have it installed or configured, you may wish to remove/archive that configuration to avoid name-clash issues. Given that the package has been defunct for over three years and is likely abandoned, the present package's name will not be changing.

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