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Stack Exchange for Emacs
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sx-switchto.el Require switchto.el where appropriate. Fix #280
sx-tab.el Fix bad autoload
sx-tag.el Define sx-tag--format-tags to format multiple tags.
sx-time.el Use defconst instead of defvar where appropriate.
sx-user.el Actually use sx-user-name face. Fix #285
sx.el Version 0.3 Version 0.3

SX – Stack Exchange for Emacs Chat.svg

SX is a full featured Stack Exchange mode for GNU Emacs 24+. Using the official API, it provides a versatile experience for the Stack Exchange network within Emacs itself.



Viewing Questions

View questions with one of the sx-tab- commands. These translate to the different ‘tabs’ that you can view on the official site. Implemented tabs include:

All questions.
Unanswered questions.
Unanswered questions in your followed tags.
Featured questions.
Your starred questions.

Each of these opens up a list of questions, and you can further customize the ordering of the list with O. Other keys include:

s s
Switch site.
n and p
Navigate the list.
j and k
Navigate while viewing the question in a separate buffer.
Visit the thing-at-point in your browser
Copy the thing-at-point (usually a link).
u and d
Upvote and downvote.
Open the question buffer.

As always, C-h m is the definitive resource for the functions of this mode.


SX is now available on MELPA! Both the stable release and the development version can be found there. Install it via the Package Menu or just run

M-x package-install RET sx RET=

If you are going to be doing any asking / answering / commenting / upvoting / downvoting / etc., you must use sx-authenticate to provide SX with an authentication token to act on your behalf.


Please help contribute! Doing any of the following will help us immensely:

For a better view of all of the open issues, take a look at our lovely Waffle board. Feel free to take the torch on anything in backlog or ready. If you have thoughts on any other issues, don’t hesitate to chime in!

See also



SX has no explicit need for an icon, although standard SVG files have been gathered in resources/ if anyone would fancy a crack at it.

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