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Billboard to show active raids
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Billboard to show active raids sorted by which raids will end first with raid boss, raid level, geofence city, team control, ex-eligible raid filters.


  • PHP >= 5.4+
  • Apache >= 2.4+ or Nginx >= 1.14.2
  • Apache mod_rewrite enabled.
  • Existing RealDeviceMap database.


1.) Clone the repository: git clone stats (change stats to your liking)
2.) Change directory to the newly cloned folder: cd stats
3.) Install Composer (
4.) In the clone folder install the composer components required for the project: composer install
5.) Copy the example configuration file: cp config.example.php config.php


Time Zone
Execute the following on your SQL database to load the time zone tables in the mysql database in order for the time zone conversion to work.
mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo

1.) Set your time zone e.g. America/New_York
2.) Set a startup location for any map objects to start at.

Database (db)
1.) Fill in your database IP or FQDN address.
2.) Set your database username and password.
3.) If you use a different database name than default, specify it.

1.) Set your pokemon images url including file extension and pokemon id placeholder in the url address.
e.g.,, etc
2.) Set your egg images url, same as pokemon, include the placeholder and file extension in the url address.

All other configuration options are default and optional at your discession.


Create or copy your existing geofences to the geofences folder. The following is the expected format:

[City Name]  



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