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Oct 1, 2018


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@DerUntote DerUntote released this Sep 26, 2018 · 2 commits to 1.4.beta.lbk3 since this release

  • LBK3 fork on block height 100 000.
  • LBK3 CPU miner added
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@DerUntote DerUntote released this Jun 25, 2018 · 57 commits to master since this release


This release focuses on adding features to Zerocoins as well as increasing software quality with automated builds & releases and fix several smaller problems with Verticalcoin QT-Wallet.


To increase software quality and make our developers lives a little easier, we now build and release Vertical updates and features with Travis-CI. New versions will now include Linux (ARM, x86, x64), Windows and finally Mac Binaries. Vertical will always build the same way without any manual steps.

Mac Wallet

One of the first steps of current roadmap was to release a Mac Wallet. Here we are. File any issue you have with this Wallet if you encounter a problem.


New Version includes the ability to send Zerocoins to other addresses other than yourself. Checkout Verticalcoin Tab in QT-Wallet.

If your spent Zerocoins never got confirmed by peers, you now have the ability to abandon the transaction(s) and re-send again. We also added the commands listspendzerocoins setmintzerocoinstatus to this manually.

If you have a Zerocoin spend that has not confirmed even after days, you can recover this by right-clicking on the spend transactions in your Transaction list. Make sure to backup your wallet first by going to File>Backup Wallet.

Right click on the transaction
select “Abandon transaction”
If the option is grayed out you might need to restart the client

If you have already abandoned the Zerocoin spend transaction there is a manual way. Head to Help>Debug Window>Console
Use listspendzerocoins command to find out coin serial in question
Then use setmintzerocoinstatus to mark coin as unspent


  • added MacOS wallet
  • added ARM wallet
  • fixed a problem with qt-wallet
  • Enables Zerocoin spend to third-party feature
  • Resolves database issues where wallets can be stuck on certain Zerocoin spends.
  • Highly recommended update to avoid wallet stuck issues (the alternative is to do a reindex)
  • Fixed bug in spending minted Verticalcoins.
  • Allows users to abandon Zerocoin spend transactions that have not confirmed. and the mints will go back to being unused.
  • Allows users who accidentally abandoned their Zerocoin spend transactions to allow them to respend.
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Jun 15, 2018
Version bump to
Jun 3, 2018
Changed version to

@DerUntote DerUntote released this May 25, 2018 · 87 commits to master since this release

Our vNodes where started with wrong protocol version. This is now fixed.

  • now with striped linux binaries
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