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Ultimate Deployment Appliance

  • Download the latest release ova-file here:

  • Download the latest patch here:

  • Check out the Youtube channel with how-to videos here:

  • Visit to the ultimate deployment homepage here:

What is the Ultimate Deployment Appliance?

  • Unattended OS installations (Windows, Linux, ESX, Solaris) over the network, set-up in minutes!
  • PXE Booting, Remote Installation Services, Kickstart, Jumpstart, Autoyast in a box!
  • Free!

When would you use this?

  • Perfect for your homelab! Easy reproducible automatic installations.
  • Re-image your class-room systems from scratch
  • Quickly setup a new VM system to test software
  • Roll out an older OS to work with older documents or file-formats
  • Setup new hardware via the network

How Does it work?

The appliance mounts the installation media iso file you supply with your favorite operating system and imports the necessary (network) boot-files. It creates a default configuration file for your automated installation and starts hosting the operating system distribution files for network booting.

Happy booting!