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  1. starlarky starlarky Public

    VGS edition of Google's safe and hermetically sealed Starlark language - a non-Turing complete subset of Python 3.

    Java 22 35

  2. vgs-collect-ios vgs-collect-ios Public

    VGS Collect iOS SDK

    Swift 19 13

  3. vgs-proxy-spring vgs-proxy-spring Public archive

    VGS integration with Spring framework

    Java 15 8

  4. LittleProxy LittleProxy Public archive

    Forked from adamfisk/LittleProxy

    High performance HTTP proxy originally written by your friends at Lantern and now maintained by a stellar group of volunteer open source programmers.

    HTML 12 16

  5. CardIOSDK-iOS CardIOSDK-iOS Public

    Wrapper around original iOS library to bring easy integration into Swift projects

    Objective-C 11 6

  6. vgs-show-android vgs-show-android Public

    VGS Show - Android SDK that enables you to securely display sensitive data

    Kotlin 8 8


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