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NebulaGraph Core NebulaGraph - NebulaGraph v3.6.0 (Released 1 month ago)
Web& Cli Console Nebula Graph Studio v3.7.0,NebulaGraph Console v3.6.0
Deployment& Ops NebulaGraph Docker Compose v3.6.0,NebulaGraph Operator v1.6.3,Nebula Dashboard V3.4.0,NebulaGraph BR v3.5.0,NebulaGraph Stats Exporter v3.3.0
Community Clients NebulaGraph cpp client v3.4.0,NebulaGraph Java Client v3.6.1,NebulaGraph Python client v3.4.0,NebulaGraph Go client v3.6.1,Nebula Http Gateway v3.4.0
Connectors NebulaGraph Flink Connector v3.5.0,NebulaGraph Spark Connector v3.6.0
Data Import NebulaGraph Exchange V3.6.0,NebulaGraph Importer 4.0.0
Graph Computation NebulaGraph Algorithm v3.1.0

Note, for more community projects like more Clients, ORM see also Nebula-Contrib GitHub Org: and docs

NebulaGraph Cloud

There are managed NebulaGraph offerring in Azure, AWS, GCP and Aliyun 👉🏻 learn more


  1. nebula Public

    A distributed, fast open-source graph database featuring horizontal scalability and high availability

    C++ 9.5k 1.1k

  2. nebula-docs Public

    Documentations for the Nebula Graph project

    HTML 50 53

  3. Operation utilities for Nebula Graph

    Go 71 26


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