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There are many common issues people experience when using Votifier using a given configuration or environment. This page addresses the common issues and solutions that usual help to correct them. This page only addresses issues with Votifier itself and not any vote listeners or Bukkit plugins that handle Votifier vote notifications. If you are having an issue with a vote listener or a Bukkit plugin, please contact the author of that vote listener or Bukkit plugin.

It says the address already in use.

This is common problem especially if you are with a Minecraft host.

  1. If you are a Minecraft host, please contact them for a port you can use for Votifier.
  2. Make sure you are not using the same port your Minecraft server is listening on.

I'm receiving "Data must start with zero" or "Message is larger than modulus at..."

This is commonly caused by a key pair mismatch.


Check to see if your public key matches the one you gave the server list. If you are certain they match, regenerate the keys by deleting the folder named rsa inside plugins/Votifier/, then reload the plugin and give the server list the new public key.

I'm receiving "Blocktype mismatch: 0"

This error is caused by a faulty implementation of the Votifier protocol by the server list, malicious connections, or key mismatches.

  1. Try regenerating your key pair by following the solution of the last issue.
  2. If this error is flooding your server's console, it is possible that someone is creating a mass of malicious connections to your Votifier instance. You can try mitigating it by changing the port of Votifier and giving the new port to every server list you have set up Votifier.
  3. Try testing on another server list. We have a tester set up on Minestatus. If a vote notification is processed successfully on your end with one server list but not the other, it is possible that the server list has a faulty implementation of the Votifier protocol. As we cannot fix their implementation, you will have to contact the server list.

I'm not receiving vote notifications nor am I receiving any error messages but sending test notifications say they are successful.

This happens when either the server list cannot communicate with your server's Votifier instance because another server is listening on that address or it simply appears you are not receiving any vote notifications because you have no vote listeners or any Bukkit plugins that handle vote notifications installed.

  1. If you haven't already, install a vote listener or install a plugin that handles vote notifications.
  2. Make sure you are not sending test notifications to your Minecraft server's port.
  3. Check to see if Votifier is initializing properly. It will fail to initalize if the address is already in use. To correct this issue, see Address already in use up above.

Please note that if you wish to have vote notifications, for example, printed in the server console, you would need a vote listener that does that. Check the vote listeners forum.

My issue wasn't answered above.

It's possible that the issue you are having isn't common enough or that it deals with a vote listener or a Bukkit plugin.

You can look over the help forum to see if the issue has already been addressed and, if not, you can post about it in the help forum. Please do not post issues you are having with any vote listeners or Bukkit plugins but instead contact the author of the vote listener or Bukkit plugin.

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