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@vg0214 vg0214 released this May 9, 2019


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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Feb 22, 2019

Initial commit
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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Feb 14, 2019


  • Changed the design of the control panel, it has become more concise. Now you can quickly disable or connect miners from the graphical interface, which is sometimes even very necessary. In case of shutdown of the miner launched, mining will be picked up by the next miner of performance for this algorithm, if any, in the system. Otherwise, mining will switch to a new algorithm.
  • Fixed bugs in modules EarningsTrackerJob, Charting.
  • Fixed bugs in filters screening dead coins, which is especially important in the period of singularity, which occurred for the altcoin market.
  • Other ...
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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Feb 5, 2019

  • Now it has become convenient to control income for all used pools in the previous seven days.
    The report is presented in graphical format in the form of a bar chart - StackedColumn chart
    on the Earnings tab of the graphical management interface of the program for automatic mining
    management - MinersGarden - v.3.3.2.
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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Jan 30, 2019

Now it is possible from the MinersGarden GUI to control the state of its graphics cards, including the power consumed by the GPU's. What allows to estimate the expected profitability considering the cost of electricity.
  Still, the switching of algorithms is carried out without taking into account energy consumption, as if the power consumption were limited to a certain value - Power Limit.

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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Jan 23, 2019

ena/dis Algorithm add to GUI control.

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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Jan 18, 2019

rem&add zergpool
bug fix cpu miners run

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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Jan 12, 2019

Statistics collection corrected and other.

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@vg0214 vg0214 released this Dec 26, 2018

Powershell script.
v3.2.21 (with corrections)

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