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For any treble instrument

Dedicated to Alice Bennett

MaxMSP 7 Patch.

Requires the following externals/packages to be installed:

  1. RTC-Lib
  2. Bach
  3. Cage

To install these packages, open the package manager in MaxMSP (File-Show Package Manager) and then search for each, and install. RTC-Lib needs to be downloaded and installed from the above link, further instructions are there.

Once downloaded (click "clone or download" then "download as zip"), extract the files. Open "feeder.maxproj" in MaxMSP, and the relevant interface windows will open automatically.

For performance, the piece will require an active internet connection to pull data from Twitter.

Premiere forthcoming, after which please contact me if you wish to perform the piece.

Things to add in future version:

  1. MIDI control for generating new material.

Copyright 2016-17 Vincent Giles