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Dump mpegts files as XML, decoding various headers
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ts2xml reads mpegts file from stdin and dumps it as special XML file containing packets with their headers.

ts2xml is stateful: it reads PATs and PMTs and remembers how PIDs should be handled.

Example of resulting XML file:


The primary use cases of the tool are:

  • Learning about MpegTS and PES formats
  • Debugging issues with MpegTS

Example invocation (extract raw stream of pid 0x100 to file):

./ < q.ts | xml2 | grep 'packet/pid\|/data=' | grep -A 1 '/pid=0x100' | grep 'data=' | cut -f 2- -d= | tr -d '\n' | xxd -r -p | pv > q.raw

If you want xml2ts for the reverse conversion, open an issue on Github or wait until I need it for myself.

For mkv2xml and xml2mkv see

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