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  1. confluence2md confluence2md Public

    Groovy 7 5

  2. jruby-gems-mojo jruby-gems-mojo Public

    A Maven plugin making embedding gems for jruby painless.

    Ruby 6

  3. flexboxx flexboxx Public

    WYSIWYG filter creation for Flex.

    ActionScript 4

  4. eclipselink-ddlgeneration-maven-plugin eclipselink-ddlgeneration-maven-plugin Public

    fork from

    Java 1 3

  5. nlstools nlstools Public

    Ant/Gradle/Maven tasks for managing i18n resource bundles (for Java, Groovy, JavaScript, SQL) as XML, Excel, properties files

    Java 1 2

  6. agimatec-tools agimatec-tools Public

    Automatically exported from

    Java 1


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